Adult Junior Contact Prices

Practical Pistol ( AKA "Dirty Harry" )

For those who want to shoot [but not get shot at] we have developed a fully interactive system of shooting challenges to test your shooting prowess in both static and moving situations.

This option is good for small groups of between 4 and 6. Groups of up to 10 can be accommodated but you will be be split into two sub-groups to avoid lots of waiting. Adults and juniors can mix together as there is no shooting live targets.

The session runs over about 2 hours and everyone gets to do everything. The sessions usually run mornings, 10.00am till 12.00., afternoons 2.00pm till 4.00pm, and 6.00pm till 8.00pm depending on time of year. For those who want an extra "edge" we can operate at night (10.00pm till midnight or earlier during the winter) with low level lighting and additional effects.

1) Static target range

In this excercise you are presented with a group of fixed targets. Depending on skill level, type of weapon (pistol or semi-auto rifle) and amount of ammunition a series of 5, 8 or 10 targets will be selected. A live target will be indicated by a light on teh target. When shot another target will light up at random and so on until all targets have been eliminated. This is done against the clock. You may need to load and change a magazine as part of the excercise so speed, dexterity and accuracy are all important.


2) Run the Gauntlet

In this excercise you must make your way down a marked lane with a number of targets arranged on each side. All targets begin with green indicators which change to red on being hit. You must make your way down the path taking out as many targets as possible before the time runs out. At the start you must hit a button which starts the timer. At the end of course is another button to stop the timer. Scoring is based on the number of hits and the time left. Limited ammunition will apply and you may need a magazine change in some versions.


3) The Ring of Fire

For this test you are in the centre of a ring of 8 targets. At the start one target will light up at random. When hit another target will light up - which could be anywhere in the ring. You must shoot 8 targets in the fastest time. Limited ammunition also applies as well as a possible magazine change.


4) Walk Through

This is similar to the "Dirty Harry" scenario. At the start you will emerge from cover and have to locate an active target (red light). When hit you must make your way to that target position from which you must locate the next target, which can only be seen from that position. You must work your way along the route taking out all the targets in the fastest time.


5) Surrounded

This is a challenge for the group as a whole. You will have a limited amount of ammunition between you and various weapons. You are in a bunker surrounded by 8 targets hidden in the wood. Some will flash a light, some will only make a sound, some will do both. You must locate all targets and eliminate them. You cannot leave the bunker. The targets are at various ranges and positions so you must decide which weapon or shooter is best suited to take out each target. As before this is a timed event.



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